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ASU and OpenAI collaboration


What's happening?

A new collaboration between ASU and OpenAI brings the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT Enterprise to define how generative AI can be used in higher education to shape learning, research and the future of work.


The AI Innovation Challenge is now open!

We are proud to announce the launch of the AI Innovation Challenge. This challenge invites our faculty and staff to submit a proposal for how they would harness the power of artificial intelligence in their academic and work environments.

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General questions about ASU's collaboration with OpenAI

ChatGPT Enterprise is a version of the ChatGPT technology tailored for business and enterprise use. It offers more robust, secure, and customizable technology compared to the standard ChatGPT or ChatGPT Pro.

Through this new collaboration with OpenAI, ASU is seeking impactful uses of generative AI across disciplines and work groups. ASU will invite submissions to implement innovative uses of ChatGPT Enterprise. The three key areas of concentration include enhancing student success, forging new avenues for innovative research and streamlining organizational processes.

The initial launch of ChatGPT Enterprise prioritizes use by ASU faculty, staff and researchers based on proposed ideas. Access to ChatGPT Enterprise will be initially limited to support the responsible growth of generative AI tools for the university. Student accounts are not available at this time. Timelines for student requests will be shared in future communications.

Interested faculty, staff and researchers can submit their proposals beginning February 1, 2024, via

Starting Thursday, February 1, 2024, we’ll launch a new challenge that invites faculty, researchers and staff to submit their interest in leveraging ChatGPT Enterprise. Our goal is to provide support for use-cases that leverage our knowledge core and unique capabilities that set us apart from other organizations and institutions – to be at the forefront of discovery and implementation. The key areas of concentration include enhancing student success, forging new avenues for research and streamlining organizational processes.

The ASU AI website will be updated with additional information on how to get involved.

Using the ChatGPT Enterprise solution, any prompts our community inputs into their chat board remain private, meaning that OpenAI does not use this data for its training models. For guidelines on the use of ChatGPT’s free technology, visit:

At launch, ChatGPT Enterprise will be available to interested faculty, staff and researchers to submit proposals. Student employees working with these individuals will be eligible to use the ChatGPT Enterprise, gaining a unique opportunity to learn alongside our faculty, staff and researchers. Timelines for individual student requests will be shared in future communications.

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Other ways to get involved in AI at ASU

Multiple communities of practice – including a Faculty Ethics Committee and GenAI Community of Practice – have been brought together to ensure responsible innovation of AI tools for enhanced learning and discovery.


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