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AI Innovation Challenge

Arizona State University, in collaboration with OpenAI, proudly presents the AI Innovation Challenge.


This challenge invites our faculty and staff to submit a proposal for how they would harness the power of artificial intelligence in their academic and work environments. We invite proposals to leverage ChatGPT Enterprise in transformative ways to actively shape the future of learning, research and work.

Our teams proudly provide approved projects with ChatGPT Enterprise license(s) at no cost to the applicant. The ASU ChatGPT Enterprise workspace through OpenAI provides additional data privacy and security protections over other ChatGPT accounts. While efforts are underway to provide student availability, ChatGPT Enterprise licenses are not available to students at this time. Proposals should not include the distribution of licenses to students who are not employees. Only proposals by faculty and staff will be considered.

Putting Principled Innovation first

With Principled Innovation at the forefront, we are committed to envisioning new concepts, igniting ideas, and devising solutions guided by our charter that lead to positive societal impact.

Successful applicants must also submit a write-up of their use case and the outcomes to contribute to the body of knowledge about AI uses that are most and least successful. A solicitation for proposals involving students is expected in the next few months.

Before applying, you can review the Request for Proposal document below, which houses additional information and details you must submit. For questions, please visit our FAQ, also provided below. For additional inquiries regarding the AI Innovation Challenge, please visit the Slack #ai channel or email us at aichallenge@asu.edu.