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Generative AI Tools

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The generative AI tools on this page have completed the ASU VITRA process and are approved for use at the departmental level. If a department would like to use these tools, their department can submit an assessment request in accordance with their standard process. 

Before using any generative AI tools, please review the AI Digital Trust guidelines to ensure you understand the responsibilities and expectations for data privacy, copyright, and intellectual property protections at ASU.

*Note about transcription AI tools: Collaboration transcript-generating AI applications such as otter.ai should not be utilized unless all meeting members have agreed to be recorded and there is an ASU-signed contract (protecting ASU data privacy) with the vendor providing the service.

AI transcript applications requiring an API integration with an enterprise technology-managed service such as Zoom will require an Enterprise VITRA to be completed before any integration approval decisions.

AI Tools Embedded in Currently Licensed Products


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Departmental Approved Tools


Normal procurement and VITRA processes should be followed for additional tools. A departmental-level assessment indicates the following conditions:

  • No sensitive data should be shared
  • No Enterprise System Integrations allowed

If the VITRA request is for an Individual license subscription in which the requestor will not process any sensitive or regulated ASU data, this would qualify as a departmental-level VITRA.

If a unit would like to integrate one of these software with an enterprise system (e.g., Outlook, Zoom, LMS, etc.) or process sensitive/regulated data, the product requestor will need to submit a VITRA request and provide a vendor contact to gather all the evidence needed to conduct a full assessment of the vendor.